How to have a stress free Zoom lesson?



  • A COMPUTER WITH A WEBCAM: although you can use Zoom on your smartphone or tablette, I STRONGLY RECOMMEND YOU TO USE A COMPUTER/ A LAPTOP FOR YOUR LESSONS. It is harder to use at the same time the video and view the chat box if you use a tablette or Smartphone. If you don’t have a webcam but you own a Smartphone, then use the smartphone for the video but you’ll still need a computer to use the chat box or view the documents I sent you. The optional use of headphones makes listening and speaking even clearer.
  • A GOOD INTERNET CONNECTION: it is not essential to have a broadband connection (the minimum requirement is a dial-up connection with a 33.6Kbps modem) but having a fast internet connection will mean that you receive the best call quality using Zoom and ensure that you get the most out of your language lessons.
  • TEST YOUR INTERNET CONNECTION: expecially if you are on holiday or on a businees trip. If you don’t know how good your Zoom connection, please test it before you book a lesson by calling someone via Zoom or ask me to have a quick chat with you to test it.
  • A QUIET PLACE to have your lesson … and hide from your family or boss! ; )
  • DOWNLOAD OR PRINT THE DOCUMENTS I send you before each lesson. It is not necessary to study them in advance.
  • And of course, if you have never use Zoom, download the programme:

To download ZOOM into your computer, click on the following link: download ZOOM

Here is a tutorial on how to download and use ZOOM:

Zoom’s chat box or messaging facility allows me to write corrections, new vocabulary or suggestions during the lesson. Our conversation in the chat box is then available at the end of the lesson for you to copy and paste into your own personal documents for subsequent self study – and, crucially, all these notes are specifically geared to you and no-one else.

Here is a tutorial on Zoom’s chat box:


If you need any further technical assistance, please contact me or click on the link below:

ZOOM Help Center