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How much does a lesson cost?

For private lessonsplease click here to see the full price list or contact meFor corporate lessons and bespoke offerscontact me.

How can I pay?

When you buy a pay-as-you-go lesson or a lesson package, my booking system will automatically redirect you to PayPalPayPal  is a a secured worldwide online payments system. This way we don’t need to share our bank details. Every transaction is protected by fraud protection, 24-hour monitoring and advanced encryption. If necessery, PayPal will also take care of the currency conversion. (… no, PayPal doesn’t pay me for this free advertisement on my website, but they should!)

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What is your teaching schedule? 

To view my teaching schedule, you’ll first need to register as a new student. It’s free and without commitment. If you register as a new student, please also send me an email (voila@frenchlessonsonskype.com) with the tittle: New student and explain me your needs and objectives.

If you prefer, I can create an account for you. Just contact me. If you want me to do this, please let me have your first and last name, email address and phone number (just in case of emergency, if I have trouble reaching you online). Once you’re all set up, you’ll be able to view my teaching schedule and book a free trial or lesson via the online booking system.

Trial Lesson:

A trial lesson lasts about 30 minutes (+ a few minutes to answer your questions). The same person can book a trial lesson only once. I can only offer a limited number of free trial lessons every month that’s why a trial lesson lesson can be postponed/ rescheduled ONLY ONCE if you give me at least a 24 hour notice. If for any reason you miss your trial lesson, it is still possible to book a single lesson called “Pay-as-You-Go”. Please note, whenever I offer a free trial lesson, I make sure I have availability until the day we meet on Skype but I cannot guarantee I will have availability if you decide to wait for a few days/weeks and then book more lessons. 

*Due to high teaching workload, trial lessons are only available on request at the moment. To book a trial lesson, please contact me. 

How do I receive the documents for our lessons?

The documents will be sent via DropBox. Dropbox is a global & secured collaboration platform to share & store files. It is free of charge if you create a personal account. It allows me to send you all the documents (PDF/ videos/ audio files etc) at once while if I send several documents to an email address, my email might be blocked by the security system and ends up in the junk box. Dropbox is available online at dropbox.com and for Windows, Mac, or Linux computers, as well as Android and iOS phones and tablets. Click HERE to watch a video to explain you how it works. 

Can I book my lessons in advance?

Due to high teaching workload, lessons have to be booked in advance.  If something comes up, please feel free to amend your booking up to 24 hours before the lesson is due to start via your student account. There is no need to contact me directly unless you need my help.

Can I purchase a lesson package and use my lessons later on?

Yes 🙂 If you buy a lesson package and wish to start your lessons later on, please send me an email (voila@frenchlessonsonskype.com) and let me know when you wish to have your first lesson. As soon as my booking system informs me of your purchase, I ‘ll change the expiring date of your package so you’d still have 6 weeks to use a 4 week lesson package and 10 weeks to use a 8 week lesson package.

Can I book two lessons in a row?

Yes you can do it weekdays except on Sunday. The booking system will automatically assign a 15 minute break between the 2 lessons but if you don’t want a break, just let me know and I’ll modify the booking.

Validity of a lesson package:

if you wish to purchase a lesson package, please contact me beforehand, just to make sure we can find a time for your lessons that works for both of us over a few weeks.

When you book a lesson package, I give you some extra time to have your lessons so if something comes up, if you go on holiday or if you feel unwell, you have enough time to have your lessons.

If you book a 4 week package, you’ll have 6 weeks to have your lessons.

If you book a 8 week package, you’ll have 8 weeks to have your lessons.

If you need more flexibility then I recommend you to book pay-as-you go lessons, one lesson at a time.

Lesson packages are non-refundable. 

How can I change or cancel a lesson? 

You can change or cancel a lesson up to 24 hours before the lesson is due to start via the online booking system; you don’t need to contact me directly. The booking system won’t allow any change or cancellation less than 24 hours in advance. After this time, I would appreciate if you could send me an email to let me know if you cannot make it. Unfortunately, unless you give 24 hours’ notice, the lesson will need to be charged as it would be too late by then for me to offer the time slot to another student. To learn more about my terms and conditions,please click here. It is possible to reschedule/postpone a lesson from time to time but it is not possible to reschedule/postpone all your lessons at once.

  • Lateness: I will wait for you 15 minutes after the starting time of the lesson. Unfortunately, if you are late, the lesson will probably need to finish on time anyway. This is because I will likely have another student afterwards, so it simply won’t be possible to add on extra time at the end.Very rarely I might be running late, in which case I will contact to let you know as soon as possible. If I am able to, I will make up for lost time or, more likely, it can be added on to the next lesson.
  • No show: the lesson will be charged. Trial lessons can be booked only once per person. If you miss it then it is still possible to book a single lesson called “pay-as-you-go“.

Can’t find a suitable timeslot for your lesson?

Sometimes I can get busy so if you cannot see a suitable timeslot to book a lesson or if you don’t see any available timeslots at all, it doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t have a lesson that week. Please don’t wait and just send me a message with the tittle BOOKING  (so I can quickly spot your email) with a list of all your availability and I’ll do my best to find a suitable timeslot for you. As usual, please give me a 24 hours’ notice.

Lessons for your child:

During the lesson an adult must stay in the same room to supervise and assist him/her with the technology if needed. The supervision of an adult is compulsory throughout the lesson. For young learners (4-9 year old) usually a lesson lasts 30 minutes. If you child is older or if you think your child could have an hour lesson, then please contact me to talk about it.

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Are you a native speaker?    

Yes, I was born in France and have lived there all my life until 2003.  Then I moved to Germany (Freiburg) and England (London). I came back in 2015 and now live in Montpellier.

What type of French accent do you have?

This isn’t an easy question to answer. I’d say it’s a fairly neutral accent. French people aren’t usually able to connect it to any particular city or region. Everyone has some sort of accent though (yes, yes, EVERYONE!) and I guess it’s more similar to that spoken in the North of France.

What is the difference between a Conversation Lesson and a Classic Lesson?

Conversation lessons are for students who have at least an intermediate level and want to expand on their vocabulary by studying a wide range of resources like audio files, videos, conversations/roleplays or articles. The focus is more on speaking and listening than grammar. I will, of course, correct your mistakes and explain them to you, but there won’t be any particular grammar point explained and I won’t send you grammar exercises to do for homework.

Classic lessons allow you to study a little bit of everything: you will listen to an audio file and study the vocabulary and grammar that arises from it. We’ll practise the grammar during and after the lesson and, of course, speak as much as possible!

Can you describe me how you teach French via Skype & your teaching approach?

Yes I can : ) To learn more, please click here.

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Why do you teach?

Because I love languages and I love meeting new people from all over the world, learning about their traditions, cultures, personal interests and professions; in fact I think I learn from my students as much as they learn from me.

I find it captivating to see people learning a new language and by doing so, achieving their wider goals (ex: applying for a new job in France, talking to their French speaking family- in- law etc).  It is very nice to help people progress and see them becoming more confident as a result.

I just love it and I feel really privileged whenever a student come to me and ask my help. Therefore I’ll always try to do my best and go the extra mile to help my students.

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What is your teaching experience?

I have been teaching French for about 13 years in France, Germany and England.

I have taught all levels and all age groups in a wide range of settings including language schools, primary schools, universities, companies, public institutions (for ex: Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC)/ Canadian High Commission)  and  of course on Skype!

Have you done any teacher training?

Yes, I have 2 teaching qualifications:

  • International House Certificatein French Language Teaching to Adults.
  • Metropolitan University – DTLLS: Diploma To Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector.

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How long will it take before I can speak decent French?

How long it takes to someone to make a certain progress, depends on a number of factors like:

– the individual learning pace in general

– the previous knowledge of grammar (those with much knowledge tends to progress faster)

– how much homework the learner is able to do between lessons (faster if more homework)

– knowledge of other(s) foreign language(s), those who already speak another foreign language, especially a Latin language (Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian) progress faster.

But of course, you can learn some basic conversational phrases to get by in only a few hours! Are you going on holiday to a French speaking country? then I could teach you enough French to get by in 5 hours thanks to my  holiday crash course lesson package

Here is an article I wrote on this subject. Click here to have a better idea of what you can expect depending of the factors described below.

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How can I work out what my level of French is?

By consulting the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages which sets out what a learner is expected to be able to do at each level in terms of speaking, listening, reading and writing. You can click here to access that framework, but the best way to determine your level is really to book a free trial with me! ; )

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This looks interesting, but I feel uncomfortable about learning French via Skype/… and by the way, I don’t know how to use Skype! 

It is common for those not used to Skype or online communication to feel this way. I recommend first reading the articles I have written called Why Skype and Skype, how does it work. If you still have questions or doubts after reading these articles, feel free to contact me via email.