Trial lessons are only available on request at the moment

  • A trial lesson lasts about 30 minutes (+ a few minutes to answer your questions).
  • The same person can book a trial lesson only once. I can only offer a limited number of free trial lessons every month that’s why a trial lesson can be postponed/ rescheduled ONLY ONCE if you give me at least a 24 hour notice. If for any reason you miss your trial lesson, it is still possible to book a single lesson called “Pay-as-You-Go”. 
  • Whenever I offer a free trial lesson, I make sure I have availability until the day we meet on Skype. If you like the trial lesson, please book your lessons whithin 24 hours after the trial lesson as I cannot hold time slots for more than a day.

To book a trial lesson, contact me. 

If you prefer to book a single lesson (also called pay-as-you go lesson), please click on the link below.

Clock in white and blackPlease wait, the booking system is downloading… Merci! : )