3 girls on a bench talking and laughingWhat will we cover?

French in everyday situations whether for social, leisure or work purposes with relevant grammatical reminders when appropriate.

Conversation is the skill people struggle with when they are learning a new language. Native speakers sometimes use expressions or slang which can then lead you to struggle to understand them or finding the right answer. That is why I have created this fun and useful conversation classes. These conversation lessons are real and structured French classes.

These classes are perfect for:

  • practising your speaking
  • improving your pronunciation & listening skills
  • learning vocabulary (formal & informal/ idioms),
  • increasing your confidence in the language
  • getting to know the local culture

… the path to true fluency is practice!

Suitable for those who have an intermediate or advanced level. You can self-assess your language skills by using the European language’s framework. Of course, I will confirm your level at the end of our trial lesson.

For each tailor-made 60-minute one-to-one lesson, at no extra cost, I will:

  • Provide you with free online learning material (presentations, hand-outs, and audio-visual material)
  • If you wish, give you homework for you to complete before the following lesson
  • Correct your homework (Most language schools do not offer this additional work but it is crucial in order to make real & quick progress!)

Give a small presentEXTRA: In addition to the lessons and the homework and in order to practice your French on a daily basis, I will create online flashcards and games you can use with different devices like your mobile, tablet, computer etc.

All the lessons are truly tailor-made courses and customisable. I will listen to you and adapt and modify them where and when appropriate. To discuss your needs and course content, please contact me.