What does the lesson price include?

The price you pay is all inclusive and includes:

  • a tailor-made 60-minute one-to-one lesson,
  • my lesson preparation,
  • the materials you need for the lesson,
  • homework and flashcards I prepare for you on Quizlet,
  • marking of your homework,
  • a free newsletter
  • access to additional resources I make available to you via my Facebook and Pinterest accounts.

Validity of a lesson package:

When you book a lesson package, I give you some extra time to have your lessons so if something comes up, if you go on holiday or if you feel unwell, you have enough time to have your lessons.

If you book a 4 week package, you’ll have 6 weeks to have your lessons*.

If you book a 8 week package, you’ll have 10 weeks to have your lessons*.

*Except for holiday Course & Meet the parents Course (5 weeks)

databaseIf you need more flexibility then I recommend you to book pay-as-you go lessons, one lesson at a time.



To see my price list in Euros, click here