Bonjour & welcome back! 🙂


Unless we have already agreed on specific timeslots for your lessons in October-December, please contact me beforehand if you wish to make new bookings or resume your lessons. Merci! 

Just a few things…

Booking confirmation: you should immediately receive an email confirming your booking(s). If you don’t receive it within a short time, something has gone wrong so please contact me so I can sort it out.

• Lesson packages: if you wish to purchase a lesson package, please contact me beforehand, just to make sure we can find a time for your lessons that works for both of us over a few weeks. All lessons have to be booked in advanceIf something comes up, please feel free to amend your booking up to 24 hours before the lesson is due to start via your student account. There is no need to contact me directly unless you need my help.

• Can’t see a suitable timeslot to book a lesson? It doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t have a lesson that week. Please don’t wait and send me a message with the tittle BOOKING  (so I can quickly spot your email) with a list of all your availability and I’ll do my best to find a suitable timeslot for you. As usual, please give me a 24 hours’ notice.

• Purchase a lesson package now & use your lessons later on: after purchasing online your lesson package, please send me an email and let me know when you wish to have your first lesson. I’ll change the expiring date of your package so you’d still have 6 weeks to use a 4 week lesson package and 10 weeks to use a 8 week lesson package.

• If you wish you can book 2 lessons in a row except on Sunday. The booking system will automatically assign a 15 minute break between the 2 lessons but if you don’t want a break, just let me know and I’ll modify the booking.

• Rescheduling/ Postponing: it can be done no less than 24hrs before your lesson is due to start. Please note: the possibility of rescheduling a lesson cannot be guaranteed. I will do my best to help you but it will depend on my availability on that week. If it is not possible, the lesson will be cancelled and recredited to your student account.It is possible to reschedule/postpone a lesson from time to time but it is not possible to reschedule/postpone all your lessons at once.

Would you like to resume your lessons or increase the number of lessons you have per week? Please get in touch with me via email before you purchase your lessons. 

À bientôt!

Please wait, the booking system is downloading… Merci! : )