STATUE IN FRONT OF BELGIAN FLAGWould you like to study French to apply for Belgian citizenship?

To become Belgian, you will need to pass a language test in one of the national languages: Dutch, German, or French. I can help you to get ready for your interview and test. The minimum required level of knowledge has been set at A2 on the Common European Framework of Reference.

Note, anyone applying under the 5 years continuous uninterrupted employment satisfies the language requirements, the economic and social participation. As the law and requirements can change quickly, please check the official website of the Federal Public Service Foreign Affairs of Belgium. I will do my best to help you and provide you with accurate information but please bear in mind I am not a legal expert. However, I am fully qualified to help you with French and make sure you are ready for your interview and/ or test. To discuss your needs or the course content, please contact me.