Skype & Zoom are free softwares which allow you to make free audio and video calls everywhere in the world. So you only pay for your tuition with me, nothing else.

 Language Training by Skype or Zoom is:

  • The ultimate flexibility: you choose WHEN and WHERE to have your lesson
  • No need to commute to a school, no travel costs, you save time, money & energy!
  • No minimum commitment: buy as many or as few language classes as you need or want
  • It is a very effective way of learning: there’s no sitting back and staring out of the window as you are naturally drawn towards the screen and focus 100% on the lesson.
  • Free learning material (documents and learning material shared online): unless you wish to buy a textbook, I will provide the learning material for free!
  • Immediate written correction: during the lesson, the chat box allows us to exchange note. I can write corrections or suggestions, vocabulary, as we speak – in French, naturally.
  • Free homework resources & correction
  • The perfect way to easily catch up on a missed lesson or complement to traditional face-to-face lessons.
  • The communicative practice you need to make self-study worthwhile

New to Skype/ Zoom?

It takes a few minutes to download the programme and even technophobes find it very easy and quick to learn how to use it. Skype or Zoom requires no more than a computer, web cam and good internet connection.

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Have a look at my video, it worked well for Tim ; ) !