Reading in French

You are learning French, and you like reading? Why not combining both to improve your French?

A young man readingFirst of all, choose the type of books and magazines you usually find interesting and read in your mother tongue. Know that there are books, audiobooks and magazines especially made for learners, for each level (beginner, intermediate or advanced) and for everyone, children, teenagers and adults. 

  • Do you like travelling? Why not buy a travel magazine in French
  • Do you like detective novels? Read them in French!
  • Do you like to read the news? Subscribe to a newspaper or by reading one online


Here are a few suggestions: 

AudiobookUse audiobooks

If you want to progress faster, I really recommend you to use audiobooks. Read and listen to one daily for 15 minutes, not more. If you wish, you can look up 7 keywords, maximum. Again, not more. Why? Because regularity gives the best results. It is also much harder to find an excuse for not doing something when it only takes 15 minutes! Finally, if you stop reading every two minutes to look up words, reading won’t be a pleasure anymore, and very soon you will lose your motivation. Learning seven new words per day would already be great! You can find audiobooks for levels A1, A2, B1 and B2. I have found that the indicated level of difficulty is often underrated, so at first, I suggest choosing a lower level than yours, so if your level is B1, pick an A2 level audiobook. 

Here are a few suggestions: Collection Mondes en VF- Editions Didier


– Marie Curie, ma grand-mère– Jérémie Dres- Editions Didier: Livre + mp3/ ISBN : 9782278094417

– Victor Hugo habite chez moi- Myriam Louviot- Livre + mp3/ ISBN : 9782278087969

– Les rêves de Jules Verne– Myriam Louviot/ Livre + mp3: ISBN : 9782278092338

A2: La cravate de Simenon– Nicolas Ancion- Livre + mp3: ISBN : 9782278072484

B1: Combien de fois je t’aime- Serge Joncour- Livre + mp3: ISBN : 9782278073955

B2: L’ancêtre sur son âne– Andrée Chedid- Livre + mp3: ISBN : 9782278080953

MP3 documents can be downloaded for free from the following website:

Also, don’t forget to check your local library and if you need more ideas/ suggestions, do not hesitate to contact me.

Enjoy your reading!

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