Medical French

Are you a doctor, nurse or medicine student living in a French- speaking country? 

Or are you planning to move to a French-speaking country?Two female doctors holding a stetoscop

Doctors/ nurses and medicine students are very busy with hectic work schedules; it makes it difficult to attend a class in a language school. Online lessons would give you the flexibility you need. 

For each tailor-made 60-minute one-to-one lesson, at no extra cost, I will:

  • Provide you with free online learning material (presentations, hand-outs, and audio-visual material)
  • If you wish, give you homework for you to complete before the following lesson
  • Correct your homework (Most language schools do not offer this additional work but it is crucial in order to make real & quick progress!)

EXTRA: In addition to the lessons and the homework and in order to practice your French on a daily basis, I will create online flashcards and games you can use with different devices like your mobile, tablet, computer etc. 

The sample syllabus below is designed to provide you with a good idea of what you might cover over a typical course. It is flexible rather than prescriptive, in that it would be adapted to your specific level, aims and interests. A language cannot be learnt in isolation, and therefore you will also work on your command of general language skills. As part of this, you will take a systematic approach to grammar, vocabulary development, and skills work.

What will we cover?

Topics & Vocabulary:

  • To get to know the medical and paramedical team.
  • To question patients
  • To examine a patient
  • To give instructions
  • To write a letter/ ask a senior colleague’s opinion
  • To read the biological test’s results and interpret them
  • To visit a patient
  • To prescribe a treatment and explain a prescription
  • To organize a patient home return and write a report
  • To agree on a exam appointment or a consultation
  • To welcome and inform a patient’s family
  • To make a presentation and discuss a medical article
  • To discuss a clinical case with a house physician
  • To take over from someone.

All the lessons are truly tailor made courses and customisable. I will listen to you and adapt and modify them where and when appropriate. 

To discuss your needs and course content, please contact me.