There is a BIEN DIRE magazine for everyone: choose between:

BIEN DIRE INITIAL, for Beginner & Intermediate levels (A1-B1 levels)


BIEN DIRE, for advanced levels (B2-C2).

If you are not sure about your level, just ask me but do not worry as you can switch from Bien-dire Initial to Bien-dire during a subscription.

I use BIEN DIRE magazines for most of my lessons and absolutely love them! So if you subscribe to BIEN DIRE, you can be sure, you’ll get the most out of the magazine.

Bien Dire magazines are bi-monthly, so you will receive 6 issues per year, approximately 45 pages each. You can subscribe for one year or two years. The magazines give you the opportunity not only to read fun and interesting articles in French about French-speaking cultures (travelling, history, society, economics, news, profiles of famous people, literature, etc.), but also to learn new idiomatic expressions and improve your pronunciation by listening to audio documents read by French native speakers.

There are 2 options:

  1. The paper magazine + free access to the online version + free audio downloadable documents
  2. The 100% online magazine + free audio downloadable documents

With each option, you’ll have access to the audio downloadable documents via your account under “Mes téléchargements/ My Digital library”. 

Bien Dire magazine can be delivered wherever you live. I strongly recommend the paper version. From experience, I have noticed that students who get the paper version read the magazine much more often and make faster progress. If you invest money, make sure you’ll make the most of it.  So do so, here is a tip: keep your magazine in sight, for example on your bedside table or next to your sofa 😉. Bonus for my students: if you subscribe to the paper version, you’ll get free access to the online version of the magazine. This way, if once, it takes a bit of time to receive the paper version (if you live very far from Europe, it could happen), no worries, while waiting for the paper version, you can use the online version. No wasted time and … no excuse! 😉


Available in print as a 1-year subscription (6 issues).

SPECIAL PRICE for my students! Get a 20% discount + downloadable audio documents + free access to the online version via your account for 82 euros instead of 102 euros for one year.   

BIEN DIRE INITIAL: Beginner-Intermediate (A1-B1)

Bi-monthly magazine (6 issues per year) with free access to the online version + downloadable audio documents to learn French through immersion in French culture.

BIEN DIRE: Intermediate-Advanced (B1-C2) 

Bi-monthly magazine (6 issues per year) with free access to the online version + audio documents to strengthen your pronunciation and listening skills while learning about French culture. Written by language specialists up to C1 level and by journalists for C2 level.


Browse and listen to your magazine on your smartphones, tablets, and computers.

SPECIAL OFFER FOR MY STUDENTS! Get 6 e-magazines + 1 extra magazine for free + downloadable audio documents for 55 euros for one year. 

  • Available as a 1-year subscription for Bien-dire Initial or Bien-dire.
  • Bi-monthly magazine: 6 online magazines per year + 1 extra magazine for free.
  • Downloadable PDF documents of the magazine are included + downloadable audio files.
  • Once your order is confirmed, your magazine is accessible in your account, under “my digital library”.

BIEN DIRE INITIAL: anyone can speak French – A1-B1

BIEN DIRE: catch the subtleties of French language and culture – B1-C2