Are you looking for a fun, quick but effective way to practice French on a regular basis?

Then FRANTASTIQUE is for you! Try it for 2 weeks, free of charge

Fantastique’s software assesses your level through 7 lessons, each lesson takes 15 minutes. I recommend you to do the 7 lessons in a row by clicking on “Je veux recevoir une nouvelle leçon maintenant ” at the bottom of your lesson’s correction.

You can choose which days you would like to receive your lessons, you can put them on hold if you go on holiday (just click on “Vacances”) and you can also decide if you want to have your lessons “avec épices” meaning with some slang, or “sans épices”, without slang. Another great feature: you can inform the software of your priorities (speaking/ writing- business French/ French for daily life/ holiday/ socializing etc) and preferences (cinema/ literature music etc).

For each lesson, you can select the vocabulary you would like to revise in your following lessons by validating the correction. To do so, click on “Envoyer”, just under “Envoyez votre correction”,

After completing 7 lessons, Frantastique will send you a level assessment (containing an outline of your current strengths and weaknesses). Please bear in mind the assessment level is temporary and progressive. So don’t forget Frantastique is a fun way to practise and consolidate acquired French, it is not an exam.

So relax and have fun!