Meet the parentsWill you be meeting your French speaking parent-in-law (or maybe future parents- in-law) very soon?

Don’t want to be a wallflower? Do you wonder about the French etiquette?

… It’s NEVER too late to learn and make a good impression!

Learn how to introduce/ talk about yourself, socialize in French;  get know the do’s/don’ts, the traditions in France, Belgium or French- speaking Switzerland/Luxemburg.

All the lessons are truly tailor made courses and customisable. I will listen to you and adapt and modify them where and when appropriate. 

Themes/Vocabulary could include the following elements:

  • How to introduce yourself
  • When to use “vous” and “tu”
  • Vocabulary for the aperitif/ lunch or dinner
  • How to talk about your family
  • Describing your job
  • French traditions
  • French etiquette/ the do’s & don’ts
  • Idiomatic expressions

The number of hours you will need depends on your level when you start. To learn more about this course, do not hesitate to contact me.