Holiday Crash Course for beginners

Booked a sunny break in France? Or maybe a ski holiday in France or Switzerland and would like to learn key phrases you’ll need over there? There isn’t a lot of time left before you land there? Then my 5 hour holiday course is for you!

All the lessons are truly tailor made courses and customisable. I will listen to you and adapt and modify them where and when appropriate. 2 white chairs and an parasol in fromt of the sea under a sunny blue sky

The sample syllabus below is designed to provide you with a good idea of what you might cover over a typical course. It is flexible rather than prescriptive, in that it would be adapted to your specific level, aims and interests.

Themes/Vocabulary could include the following elements:

  • Introducing yourself/ meeting people
  • Alphabet/Spelling
  • Numbers
  • Giving personal details (address, telephone number, email, age, profession)
  • Ordering food/ drinks
  • Shopping for food, clothes, souvenirs
  • Useful adjectives/colours,
  • The time, days of the week, months,
  • The weather/seasons
  • Booking a hotel room
  • Checking into a hotel
  • Ordering food and drinks
  • Using a taxi, public transport/buying a ticket
  • Asking for help/ directions
  • Going to the doctor/ pharmacist
  • Useful expressions.

Cultural content:Skiing

  • Customs, traditions, celebrations, etiquette, dos’ and don’ts

Skills Work:

  • Lots of active speaking practice (e.g. role-plays)
  • Lots of listening
  • Pronunciation (key sounds/ letters combinations)
  • Fluency development (questions and answers, etc.)
  • Introduction to reading and writing.


  • Basic grammar rules (word order, number agreement, pronouns, adjectives, articles, etc. where appropriate)
  • Nouns:feminine, masculine, singular, plural
  • Most important verbs/ present tense
  • Articles (definite and indefinite)
  • Core prepositions of place, time and direction
  • Adjective agreement in gender and number
  • Different type of questions
  • Il y a + Il n’y a pas (there is/ are- there isn’t/ aren’t).

The topics/ vocabulary or grammar won’t necessarily be studied in this order.

Price: 175 euros. What does the lesson price include?

The price you pay is all inclusive and includes:

  • 5 tailor-made one-to-one lessons (5 X60 minutes),
  • my lesson preparation,
  • the materials you need for the lesson,
  • homework and flashcards I prepare for you on Quizlet,
  • marking of your homework,
  • a free newsletter
  • access to additional resources I make available to you via my Facebook and Pinterest accounts.

To discuss your needs or course content, please contact me.